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We Make Change Better

A Team of Dynamic Changemakers

Humanist is a team of researchers, facilitators, strategists, content developers and project managers.

We draw our knowledge from diverse fields – psychology, sociology, anthropology, neuroscience, popular culture, economics and business management.

Our multi-faceted approach to change design makes our solutions holistic and relevant. We are committed to helping our clients experience the value of organisational change, in human terms.

Equipping Organisations for Effective Change

Positive Impacts
Proven Results
Sustainable Success

Vision-led, Values-driven

Our values guide us

Keep Asking

Keep Asking

Stay Mindful

Stay Mindful

Share Value

Share Value

We Bring Organisational Change into Effect

Our proprietary culture change management model is designed to support the people impacted by change, while delivering business results.

Humanist Change Intelligence Model®

Humanist Intelligence Change Model

Assess organisational strategy, leadership style, structure, culture, values, systems and skills.


Consolidate insights. Present business case and culture change narrative.


Visualise the future state. Articulate the change purpose and manifesto. Establish roadmap, measures and roles.


Establish change control centre. Launch change platform. Coordinate communications. Provide training, support hubs and feedback loops.


Monitor and measure impacts of change. Review and respond to feedback. Identify ad hoc opportunities to reinforce change purpose and manifesto.


Assess performance against progress points, KPIs and program measures.

Tools to Make Change a Humanising Experience

Our diverse skills and proven tools help deliver effective culture change

Skills to lead the change

  • Change assessment survey
  • Individual and group facilitation
  • Narrative intelligence
  • Corporate ethnography
  • Change strategy
  • Change plan

Tools to support the change

  • Change roadmap
  • Communication plan
  • Project management
  • Creative design & communication
  • Training plan
  • Sustainability plan

Make Change Happen

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