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Humanist is a culture-change agency that helps transform people for business success.

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Change with Purpose

We all recognise the reasons for change – new leadership, new markets, new technologies and new competitors.

But understanding the purpose of change is more challenging.

In our experience, an inability to define this purpose means that many companies fail to make the leap from the business reality of change, to the human.

For companies looking to repurpose themselves, our unique, human-centred approach to culture change management is results-driven and future-defining.


What Makes Us the Change Partner of Choice?

Change Intellegence
Change Intelligence

Our six-step organisational change model centres around people, ensuring that stakeholders have the necessary knowledge and capability to adapt to change, and to behave differently.

Empathy in Practice
Empathy in Practice

Because we put people at the centre of our work, empathy is key. Empathy-based transformation has been shown to correlate with growth, productivity and earnings.

Change Action
Change Action

Using insights and intelligence, we design a future state to illustrate what authentic change within a business can achieve. Then we define the Humanist® platform to make it happen.

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We wanted genuine buy-in from our people. Humanist helped us define the way to achieve that.

Rob Smart, Founder & Director,
The Smart Effect
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Experience the Humanist Effect


Our human insight-driven research makes explicit what is often implicit, helping our clients to understand deeply, not simply the scope, pace and purpose of their change requirement, but also the root causes.


Our collaborative approach to strategy development and solution design involves all stakeholders, ensuring that the change process is an all-inclusive, empowering experience.


Beyond our consultation capability, we are an implementation agency with the ability to produce integrated communication campaigns that are impactful and effective.

innovative culture change for the new world of work
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